Qualification/Dedication Testing and Qualification/Dedication Testing Management

Unequaled Solid Engineering and Commended Qualification/Dedication File Preparation.

Integrity Solution Group's senior staff was a key element in assisting the Yankee Rowe Plant to become the first US Nuclear Plant to pass an NRC audit to the requirements of the EQ rule (10CFR50.49) without a single open item. We are especially proud of this achievement as much of the Yankee equipment was decades old without today's level of documentation. Yankee was the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the United States (and longest operating light water reactor nuclear power plant in the world until its recent retirement). Likewise, every complete EQ or CGI Dedication file we prepared or every file prepared by others when redone by Integrity Solution Group staff was fully acceptable (or commended) under NRC review.

No other provider of EQ services or EQ File Preparation/Program management has equaled the success of Integrity Solution Group senior staff led efforts which have also included under construction nuclear plants. Industry reports on the success of this staff and management are typified by the following quotation from the American Nuclear Society News, from April 1983:

"L. P. Gradin" (Integrity Solution Group's Director) "is batting a thousand so far in successfully seeing two nuclear plants through intensive NRC audits to the latest EQ requirements (NUREG 0588, Category I). At St. Lucie-2, audited in July 1982, Gradin worked with EQ Coordinator J. Franklin of Florida Power and Light; since then, at Waterford-3, he collaborated with H. deLaneuville of Louisiana Power and Light."

Only one or two plants, at most, were able to meet the same intensive NUREG 0588 requirements which these plants met first without any NRC determination of deficiencies during their first company audit. No other team has had combined success on IEB 7901B, NUREG 0588 Category 1 and NUREG 0588 Category 2 plants as has the senior Integrity Solution Group staff. The approaches taken, in fact formed the foundation of the most successful series of EQ training programs given to industry provided in conjunction with the American Society For Quality Control entitled, "Successful and Proven Methods to Qualify and Dedicate Equipment and Parts for Nuclear Safety Related Service". The accompanying text book, "Equipment Adequacy Demonstration for Nuclear Power and Related Facilities" is used as reference text by many nuclear utilities, the NRC, the international nuclear community, NSSS vendors and others.

The following is a sampling of typical commendations that Integrity Solution Group staff received from engineering, quality, management, operations and related personnel in the nuclear industry (also see other commendations):

"seemed to be the only third party supplier with the true application engineering knowledge to do the job properly."

"Your efforts won us the project, are technically sound, saved us months off our critical path, and hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"Your approach was to analyze existing equipment rather than recommend wholesale replacement of equipment or extensive re-testing. This approach required an engineering expertise that demonstrated your understanding of both the equipment and the requirements. This approach was the basis for our selection of you for this task and resulted in substantial savings over equipment replacement. We would like to commend you and your staff for your efforts in this difficult tasks."

"The feedback from the NRC reviewer was that your Study and Assessment was excellent--the most thorough reviewed by the NRC's expert to date."

"Once again, your knowledge of NRC issues, and your technical expertise concerning equipment and plant operability, proved to be invaluable during our audit."

"This latest and very positive assessment of your firm's work and its staff...is consistent with the substantial help you provided us in the past, often on short notice and under difficult deadlines."

"....I would like to acknowledge ... support over the past two years. Your assistance to Indian Point 2 has been outstanding. Your aide in providing equipment, from the simplest item (such as fuses) to the complex custom control distribution panels to maintain the nuclear safety related service, has been excellent...."

"The audit team was genuinely impressed with all areas examined... commitment to quality and excellence was demonstrated repeatedly throughout the course of the audit "

This expertise supports each project for engineering, consulting, or training.

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