Lawrence P. Gradin Resume Summary
Focusing On Engineering Consulting Services

Mr. Gradin is a registered professional engineer in six states with thirty-five years of experience in multi-discipline engineering management; electrical, instrumentation and control; equipment adequacy demonstration and test; quality demonstration; environmental qualification; improvement related consulting and training; nuclear safety related equipment supply; critical equipment assessment for telecommunications, product safety, industry; commercial grade item dedication for nuclear plants; nuclear procurement; reliability based maintenance; technical and quality training; and related quality and engineering activities for nuclear, and advanced nuclear reactor, power/industrial plants, and the pharmaceutical industry. He has been a lead engineer, supervisory engineer, manager of electrical and related instrumentation control engineer, or site support engineer for nuclear plants for more than thirty-five (35) years. Included has been the interface with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission during the plant licensing phase. He is certified to be a lead assessor for Quality Assessments for Nuclear Facilities (ANSI/ASME NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2), for ISO 9000, for Laboratory Assessments (ISO/IEC Guide 25, EN45001, ISO/IEC 17025), for Certification Body Accreditation Assessments (ISO/IEC Guide 65), for Inspection Body Assessments (ISO/IEC 17020) and as a Certified Lead Assessor by PDA (International Association for Pharmaceutical Science & Technology) of Suppliers of Computer Products and Services. He also provides quality consulting, audits, assessments, training for test lab Accreditation, for Quality registration, for EMC/EMI testing, telecommunications, software quality, etc.

He is Chair of the Electromechanical Advisory Committee for Laboratory Accreditation, a past member of the Nuclear Power Engineering Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES), past Chair of the Quality Maintenance and Improvement Subcommittee of the IEEE PES, member of the ASTM Committee E36 on Conformity Assessment, member of the A2LA Accreditation Criteria Council, Accreditation Approval Committee. Past member of ASQ "Assessment, Verification, and Auditing Committee", member or senior member ASQ, ASME, ISA, NCSL, PDA, and various other groups relating to quality, testing, equipment assessments, or engineering. He has authored more than 65 technical papers and textbook, "Equipment Adequacy Demonstration For Nuclear Power and Related Facilities", US Copyright Office Registration 576 752, (1993). Post engineering training relating to testing, quality, and assessments includes Operational QA Courses through the American Society for Quality, ISO 9000 Series and Auditor training through KEMA-IQC, NATA/A2LA, IQA and RBA/RAB accepted Lead Assessor and ISO 9000:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 Transition Training, Software Quality Auditor Training by PDA, certification program at the American Management Research Institute, etc.

Mr. Gradin is a recognized expert in Equipment Qualification (EQ) of electrical and mechanical equipment. This includes the leadership of the only 100% successful EQ effort for an operating nuclear plant out of 70 (Yankee Rowe), the first 100% successful plant to demonstrate compliance with NUREG 0588 Category 1 (St. Lucie 2, only 1 other plant equaled this success), and the first 100% successful NUREG 0588 Category II Plant (Waterford 3, no other series of plants accomplished this) under USNRC intensive audit. He has also been invited by the NRC to participate as an EQ expert at NRC sponsored EQ workshops with the nuclear industry.

His unique contributions to industry include the creation, leadership, and development of the first successful: (1) Solid state modular heat tracing control system for nuclear power; (2) Integrated plant security and fire detection system satisfying detailed USNRC criteria; (3) Technology training program in Electrical Instrumentation and Control Technology for the USNRC and Industry; (4) Equipment Qualification Program to pass USNRC audit to criteria established by IEEE 323-1974 (NUREG 0588) and to 10CFR50.49; (5) Comprehensive Guidance for Nuclear Plant Maintenance-Good Practices; (6) Integrated microcomputer based data gathering and retrieval systems for plant safety system data management; (7) Newsletter devoted to Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Quality for the power industry; (8) First known use and acceptance of Seismic Qualification by Experience by the USNRC; (9) Refocus of the IEEE Nuclear Power Engineering Committee's Quality Attention from a Compliance Only orientation to Continuous Quality Improvement; (10) Led the first known Third Party Supplier through comprehensive NUPIC coordinated Quality Audit without a single finding in its very first such audit.

Electrical Design and I&C Consulting Engineering and Test Experience

Mr. Gradin was chief executive officer for his own firm (EcoTech/RAM-Q Industries) for more than a decade providing design related assessments, equipment adequacy demonstration, or actual supply of nuclear safety related equipment for electrical, instrumentation, and control systems. In this work, essentially every one of the nuclear IEEE standards was used on one project or another, as the work included the complete electrical system assessment down to the part level Dedication of Commercial Grade Items (i.e. fuses, relays, etc.). In addition, the major issues for electrical equipment relating to its ability to perform a nuclear safety function in harsh or mild environments, even if the equipment started as a Commercial Grade Item, rather than a Basic Component was a major focus of Mr. Gradin's work. In hundreds of files, reports, assessments, and studies prepared for the nuclear industry -- not a single effort approved by Mr. Gradin and audited by the NRC has been found deficient.

Prior to his leadership of his own firm, he was a Supervising Engineer of Instrumentation and Control (at Ebasco Services, now Raytheon), responsible for the direct supervision of Lead I&C Discipline Engineers and approximately twenty-five professionals for St. Lucie 1 & 2. Services included performing necessary upgrading and licensing procedures for the retrofit of a nuclear plant and other I&C tasks (e.g. NUREG 0737, RG 1.97, NUREG 700, Appendix "R", etc.) for both an operating nuclear unit and a unit under construction. He was also Assistant Section Manager of the Electrical, Instrumentation, and Control disciplines for the Breeder Reactor (at Burns and Roe) responsible for the direct supervision of four Group Supervisors and approximately forty engineering for the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Plant. Other electrical engineering experience included serving in senior level positions such as Principal Electrical Engineer and Lead Discipline Engineer for major nuclear power plants.

From 1995 through Summer 1999, Mr. Gradin was Director of Engineering, Vice President, and Executive Quality Management Representative (EQMR) at QUAL-TEK assisting manufacturers of nuclear safety related equipment to demonstrate suitability for nuclear safety related service by qualification testing and analysis.

As Director of Integrity Solutions Group, Mr. Gradin has provided specialized consulting combining equipment knowledge, testing adequacy, and quality to assist major firms obtain Quality and Technical Competency recognition for Accreditation to ISO/IEC Guide 25, EN45001, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC Guide 65, ISO/IEC 17020, and ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 for Calibration Laboratories.

Mr. Gradin's exposure and experience includes US and international nuclear plants with involvement in hundreds of projects, participation in developing the electrical nuclear standards for international use for more than a decade, and work exposure to more than 25% of all the operating nuclear plants in the US.

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