Typical Commendations of Integrity Solutions Group & Staff

Commendations of Integrity Solutions Group staff has included the following from Customers or Organizations we have supported:

  • "I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for all the effort you expended during our quest for our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation."

  • "The quality assurance manual that you developed and the training that you gave to the employees made the actual A2LA assessment quite easy. As you know there were only minor findings during the assessment all which were cleared in less than an hour and closed prior to the completion of the assessment. As a result the accreditation board at A2LA received complete package in less than one week after completion of the assessment. I am not sure if this is an actual record, however it is very close to one. This entire effort would not have gone as smoothly had I not contracted your firm to do the training and develop the quality assurance manual. Additionally, the Standard Operating Procedure, SOP 45, that you developed to address uncertainty of measurements means no open issue with respect to the industry controversy regarding uncertainty."
  • "Our lab went to 'the source' for assistance and hired a very talented consultant named Larry Gradin to write the quality manual. Writing the quality manual from scratch, or even a good sample, can be a real challenge, costly, and a burden on your entire group before its finished. Paying the pro's to get you started down the right track is an invaluable lesson to success!

Benefits ... above all accreditation identifies the lab's commitment to quality whether your customers are internal or external. We are also an internal lab and this is a scenario we faced many times before accreditation...Your setting in a customer meeting and a quality related lab issue arises. The lab's creditability is questioned, the lab gets bashed, heated words are exchanged, and everyone leaves angry. Having the accreditation mutes almost every insane argument when the customer wants to pawn off their quality issues on the lab! Accreditation also causes the lab to grow beyond measure in all parts of it's business by identifying strengths and weaknesses, promoting awareness, and building productive interaction within the group. It's a win-win situation for the customer and the lab!

Ok, that is my two cents for the day. I hope this info helps you get started down the right path to ISO. I copied the signature from one of Larry's emails below. Check out his website. He's the BEST at preparing a lab for accreditation!!!"

  • "I felt that Larry did [a] very professional job. He arrived early on Tuesday, and we worked steadily together all day and into the evening. Wednesday we also started early, and again worked steadily clear through the end of the exit meeting, shortly before he had to leave to catch his plane.

Larry was extremely thorough. Even though I had based this revision of ... Quality Manual on the .... Lab's latest (approved to ISO/IEC 17025-1999) Quality Manual, he found items on over 50% of the pages where I could improve it.

For each of the deficiencies that he found, Larry made sure that I had a clear understanding of:

    • The problem.
    • The pertinent national and international standards, regulations, laboratory-accreditation requirements, and any related matters (especially when there were subtle interrelationships between them).
    • ... Corporation's options, and possible side-effects of each of the choices we had.

That evening I revised our Quality Manual, and created an additional procedure based on the information he provided.

Wednesday, after the second witnessed test session, Larry and I reviewed the revised Quality Manual and the new procedure. We did a little more fine tuning of ... documentation at this point, and resolved all the deficiencies that Larry had identified in his audit."

  • "Again, I cannot be certain but I suspect strongly we will be the first test laboratory in the dynamics area accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. I feel that without your expertise it would have taken an additional year to achieve our goal."

  • "Your consistent and trustworthy efforts in response to our needs have instilled a high level of confidence that future requests will also be handled in an expeditious and quality manner...when conditions dictate that outside support is required, we will not hesitate to call again."

  • We have used Larry in a consulting capacity and for internal audits for several years and have found him very thorough, competent and helpful. Larry started out working in nuclear power plant component testing and is familiar with test laboratories. His background is in Electrical Engineering, but experience has expanded his technical capabilities to both mechanical and electrical fields. He later started his own business as a consultant and A2LA assessor and has conducted assessments for a variety of test and calibration labs, including auto industry labs. He has traveled extensively in the US and various parts of the world for many years and is not afraid of a heavy schedule. He is very much in touch with the politics of the business and would be a good source for information and advice with regards to accreditation issues. Larry has also been an ISO 9000:1994 auditor for many years and recently has completed his RAB transition course as an auditor for ISO 9001:2000 quality systems. If you think this seasoned veteran may be a promising candidate for your business activities, please contact Larry through his web site at http://www.integrity-solutions.org.

  • "During a recent U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) audit of one of our nuclear power plants the NRC reviewed an Engineering Study and Assessment prepared by your firm. The feedback from the NRC reviewer was that your Study and Assessment was excellent -- the most thorough reviewed by the NRC's expert to date."

  • "This latest and very positive assessment of your firm's work and its staff is consistent with the substantial help you have provided us in the past often on short notice and under difficult deadlines."

  • "Your efforts won us the project, are technically sound, saved us months off our critical path, and hundreds of thousands of dollars."

  • "Mr. Gradin was extremely helpful in tactfully pointing out our areas of weakness. His depth of knowledge was truly amazing. He was also a pleasure to work with."

  • "Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the subject. Your attention to detail and work to leave "no stone unturned" was very much appreciated. I continue to hear positive enumeration about your work from others involved with the assessment. The most frequent things I am hearing are comments like, "It sure was nice to have someone who knows what they are looking at, look over our work" and " It's great to have auditors that really cares about what we do." By putting some passion in your work, you ... gave us the feeling that what we do and how we do it really matters. The ability to "show off" what we do to people who care helps keep us motivated to continue improving our skills and processes. Thanks for your hard work and open minded assessment."

  • "I have been very lucky during the entire accreditation process. We hired the most Guide 25 knowledgeable consultant, Larry Gradin, who lead us through every important step. During the preparation, all staff in our two laboratories worked well together."

  • ANSI would like to thank you …for the excellent work that was done on the assessments conducted … the last three months.  Larry your participation on the teleconference was very important…”
  • The ability and willingness of Mr. Gradin to put on his “consulting hat” rather than strictly assessing proved to be enormously helpful.
  • As    V.P. & Technical Director of M & M Metrology, Inc. & myself have indicated to you on many occasions, we greatly appreciate the assistance and guidance you and your organization have provided.  Your guidance, consulting, mentoring, training, patience, authorship of comprehensive and integrated documents, auditing and assessment activities has lead to our very strong ability to demonstrate technical and quality competence.


Just recently, Johnson & Johnson scheduled two (2) auditors to review, assess and audit our systems, manual & procedures for quality and competence.  At the exit meeting we were told by the lead auditor that in 20 years of auditing he had never completed an audit WITHOUT a single finding as he had just done with our firm. The lead auditor realized that our system and processes were in such excellent shape due to the thoroughness of an earlier audit conducted by you in September 2003.  In fact, this recent unequaled successful effort as well as our assessment/audit based certification of compliance are proof of how your insistence and hard work clearly assured we would demonstrate compliance to all the following quality and metrology standards:


·       ISO/IEC 17025:1999

·       ANSI/NCSL Z540-1:1994

·       ISO 10012-1-1992

·       ISO 10012-2003

·       ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002, Aerospace Standard AS9100 Revision A, Section 1, Clause 7.6

·       ISO 9001/9002:1994, Aerospace Standard AS9100 Revision A, Section 2, Clause 4.11

·       MIL-Std 45662A

·       ISO/TS 16949 Revision 2 Clause 7.6

·       21CFR820.72 and 21CFR58.63 FDA Quality System Regulation Support

·       Appropriate to Organization Accreditation Body Calibration Requirements and the M & M Metrology Quality Program


  • Thank you for recently completing all the tasks necessary for Integrity Solutions Group to assist our laboratory to become accredited to ISO/IEC 17025-1999.  We are well aware that you actually provided service well beyond that contracted for in your service to help us.


Your assistance was a complete program that addressed demonstration of competence and quality for an organization that began with no established quality system, documented procedures in place, or related practices that are required to meet the stringent requirements for accreditation. The program of assistance was determined successful in a four month period from actual project initiation to third party accreditation assessment.  We are aware that such rapid success is extremely rare.


The time and patience to transfer the knowledge of actual requirements and good and cost-effective practice (including both quality and competence demonstration) did allow us to do so well.  Your corporate and personal policy and approach that includes integrity, attention to detail, cost-effective action, and commitment to assure quality performance is truly met.

The … Electromagnetic Interference R&D Lab is now able to support the test needs of customers that demanded accredited tests to FCC regulations, ANSI standards, and other requirements demonstrated by Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025-1999.  This would not have been achieved so effectively without your help.  Please do not hesitate to call on us to confirm the excellence you have added to our success.

  • It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you … during the past two days. We enjoyed your professionalism and your expertise in the area of product certification.

  • We were given a noble task with high goals and we accomplished them. You all deserve a huge Thank You! And Larry Gradin, you deserve a triple Thank You, for your knowledge, your persistence, and your patience when working with the rest of us. The Industry and Labs will be forever grateful.



Representative commendations relating to nuclear qualification and related support are also available.

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