Benefits To Using Integrity Solutions Group (ISG) For Accreditation/Registration or Industry Quality Acceptance Assistance

  • Supplement understanding of the standards (e.g. ISO 9000, ISO/IEC Guide 25, EN45001, ISO/IEC Guide 65, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17020, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 10012, ISO/TS 16949, IPC-QL-653A, AEMCLAP, etc.)
  • Providing needed training for the quality management representatives, the quality department, the authorized representatives to Registration and Accreditation Bodies, quality steering committee, and other quality system implementers.
  • Providing needed orientation to technical staff for those requirements and expectations necessary to demonstrate technical competence in support of Accreditation Body and Regulatory Agency needs.
  • Providing a comprehensive, objective evaluation of the company current situation as it relates to the requirements of the national and international standards (i.e. a Gap Analysis)

Providing preparation to appropriately respond to third-party Registration or third-party Accreditation Audits and Assessments.

  • Provide Cost-Effective, Time-Effective, and Important lessons from other companies that have undergone similar efforts.
  • Assisting in the development of an implementation plan facilitating the efforts of the implementation teams.

If desired actually create the fundamental quality documentation in a very Time-Effective manner.

  • Helping establish priorities, including development of timelines, task lists, and resource identification.
  • Providing guidance to the quality management representatives, the quality department, quality steering committee, and other quality system implementers for interpreting the various applicable standards and guidelines until the company staff is fully trained.
  • Providing cost-effective suggestions for system development.
  • Assisting a company in conducting a self-assessment prior to the Registrar’s or Accreditor’s formal assessment.
  • Respond to deficiencies or discrepancies in a timely manner to expedite third party Registration or Accreditation.

Provide the ongoing truly independent audit/assessment functions for the firm using RAB recognized Quality Management System Lead Assessors, Accreditation Body (e.g. A2LA) Certified Lead Technical Assessors for Accreditation, ANSI Lead Auditors for Accreditation of Product Certification, Lead Assessors for Inspection Bodies, or Pharmaceutical Industry Certified Software Quality Auditors (e.g. PDA).

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