Lawrence P. Gradin Resume Summary
Focusing On Assessments for Accreditation of Laboratories, Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, and Related Consulting

Mr. Gradin is an Engineering, Quality, Test, Calibration, Certification Body, Inspection Body, Software Quality Consultant and Assessor/Auditor. His business experience includes being the chief executive officer of his own consulting engineering and quality firm for more than a decade, thirty-five years of experience in multi-discipline engineering management of power and heavy industry design, electrical, instrumentation and control; equipment qualification, test and calibration of mechanical and electrical equipment, assessment and quality demonstration for critical industrial, product safety, telecommunications, and nuclear safety related equipment, supply of technical and quality training for utilities, manufacturers, laboratories, industrial firms, pharmaceutical industry and business.

Mr. Gradin is a graduate electrical engineer (BS, magna cum laude), has been a Registered Professional Engineer in six states, a Registration Accreditation Board certified Quality Management System Lead Assessor to ISO 9000, a Certified Lab Accreditation Assessor to ISO/IEC Guide 25 and ISO/IEC 17025, Certified Lead Auditor to ANSI/ASME NQA-1 and ASNI N45.2, ANSI lead auditor for ISO/IEC Guide 65 Certification Body Accreditation, ISO/IEC 17020 Inspection Body Assessor, a Certified Lead Assessor by PDA (International Association for Pharmaceutical Science & Technology) of Suppliers of Computer Products and Services, past ASQ Certified Quality Auditor, and auditor of IPC-QL-653A, and Recognized Assessor by various Regulatory and Government Agencies (FCC, NIST).

He is Chair of the Electromechanical Advisory Committee for Laboratory Accreditation, a member of the Nuclear Power Engineering Committee of the IEEE Power Engineering Society (PES), past Chair of the Quality Maintenance and Improvement Subcommittee of the IEEE PES, member of the ASTM Committee E36 on Conformity Assessment, member of the A2LA Accreditation Criteria Council, Accreditation Approval Committee. Past member of ASQC "Assessment, Verification, and Auditing Committee", member or senior member ASQC, ASME, ISA, NCSL, PDA and various other groups relating to quality, testing, equipment assessments, or engineering. He has authored more than 65 technical papers and textbook, "Equipment Adequacy Demonstration For Nuclear Power and Related Facilities", US Copyright Office Registration 576 752, (1993). Post engineering training relating to testing, quality, and assessments includes Operational QA Courses through the American Society for Quality, ISO 9000 Series and Auditor training through KEMA-IQC, NATA/A2LA, IQA and RBA/RAB accepted Lead Assessor and ISO 9000:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 Transition Training, Software Quality Auditor Training by PDA, certification program at the American Management Research Institute, A2LA Assessor Training, FCC EMC Accreditation Assessor Orientation Training, Automotive EMC Accreditation Assessment Training (from Ford, Chrysler, GM), ANSI training for ISO/IEC Guide 65, FCC and NIST Training to Accredit Telecommunications Certification Bodies, Bluetooth Technical Assessor training under the Bluetooth Qualification Programs, Training from APEC for Mutual Recognition Agreement Certification, etc.

Mr. Gradin's experience relating to test, calibration, certification body, inspection body, and accreditation body assessments/audits envelop electrical and mechanical equipment, telecommunications, electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic interference, petroleum testing, fire testing, and product safety conformance, environmental exposure simulation, [electric motors, pumps, transmitters, thermocouples, valves, controls, transformers, fuses, valve actuators (electric, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic), fuse blocks, terminal blocks, battery chargers, panels, cables, connectors, MCCs, switchgear, power supplies, regulators, alternators, solenoids, batteries, molded case breakers, magnetics. cable/connector assemblies, relays, electronic processors, calibration of electrical and mechanical instruments, automotive components, telecommunications equipment, basic materials, Information processing and business equipment (computers), Medical Devices and Scientific Instruments, HVAC equipment, etc.].

Tests and/or Calibrations assessed or used include those developed by ASTM, UL, NEMA, ASME, IEC, IEEE, EASA, FCC, SAE, MIL-STD, GM, Chrysler, FBTP, ASNT, ISO, IEC, Ford, CSA, FAA, NASA, ACA, ICS, AN/NZS, CNS, ACA, FMVSS, JIS, AEIC, CISPR, IPC, IS, CENELEC, ETSI, AEMCLAP, Telcordia, Boeing, RTCA, ISTA, etc. Tests have included Contact Resistance, High Energy Line Break (HELB) exposure, Nuclear Irradiation, Temperature Rise, Electromagnetic Interference, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Dielectric Withstand, Ampacity, Thermal Aging, Seismic Simulation, Electromagnetic Effects (EME), Vibration testing, Short Circuit tests, Mechanical Overload, Low Voltage and High Voltage testing, Mechanical and Electrical Overload testing, Impulse testing, Humidity and Salt Exposure, Leakage Current determination, Moisture Resistance, Heat Resistance, Dynamometer testing, Dielectric Strength, Flammability tests, Flow Rates, Pressure, Drop tests, Contact Bounce, Capacitance determination , Resistance determination, Hardness testing, Magnetic Properties, High/Low Temperature Exposure, Endurance tests, Fungus tests, Dust tests, Dimensional inspection, Torque, Terminal Strength, Life testing, Voltage Drop, Sealing, Thermal Shock, Compression Set, Elongation, Weathering, Photometry, Heat Deflection, Volume Resistivity, Permitivity, etc. Firms have been assisted or assessed both nationally and internationally (USA, Germany, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, etc) including some of the largest firms in the world (e.g. IBM, HP, Motorola, Intel, Lexmark, and ITT) as well as smaller businesses and labs. Calibration activities have included both Primary and Secondary Labs.

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